Skandis Fine Wines at The Peter Max Gallery in NYC


Skandis Heirloom Wines to be served at the World Animal Awareness Society fund raiser hosted by Mary & Peter Max at the Peter Max Gallery in NYC on August 19, 2010, with special guest, Celine Cousteau … The ALL EYES ON THE GULF Expedition is documenting the catastrophic disaster following the BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion specifically as it impacts … Life in the Gulf.

Martha Stewart Learns About Erbaluce Grape


Christine Skandis explained her story to Martha Stewart and mission to preserve her Heirloom grape varietals from extinction while giving Martha a bottle of her Erbaluce di Caluso. More communications with Martha Stewart are on the horizon with hopes of her advocacy to help preserve Skandis Heirloom Wines! Education begins one person at a time…


Italy Ambassador

Italy Ambassador

Ambassador Umberto Vattani, Christine Skandis & Lorenzo Wolfgang Fuller (SHOWN HERE at The Newport Rosecliff Mansion ~ A Taste of Italy at Rosecliff Gala, with Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President, Italian Trade Commission)

Hour Detroit Celebrates the 2006 Top Docs

The October issue of Hour Detroit magazine, hitting newsstands Oct. 2, reveals the highly anticipated results of the sixth annual Top Docs survey, naming the best doctors and hospitals in metro Detroit. The doctors recognized in the annual bestseller — and biggest issue ever — will be celebrated in an hour-long special on WDIV Local 4 and at a private event at the Max M. Fisher Music Center.

Hour Detroit asked nearly 6,000 medical professionals to name metro Detroit’s best doctors in more than 70 specialties, and to select the best hospitals for 17 areas of treatment. The survey results are paired with seven stories of medical miracles, including a pre-birth fetal surgery and cutting-edge hypothermia therapy performed by members of the Detroit medical community.

At 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23, the Local 4 & Hour Detroit Top Docs & Medical Miracles one-hour special will bring the pages of Hour Detroit’s October issue to life.

The Local 4 & Hour Detroit Top Docs & Medical Miracles program will introduce you to the people and technologythat make medical miracles a reality in our region. Join us to hear the stories of metro Detroit’s doctors who are saving — and changing — lives every day.

A private celebration to honor those doctors who made the list of Hour Detroit’s 2006 Top Docs will be held from 7-10 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18, at the Max M. Fisher Music Center.

Hour Detroit’s Top Docs celebration is sponsored by Lexus, Jules R. Schubot Jewellers, Trinity Health, WDIV Local 4, WJR News/Talk 760, Henry Ford Health System, Beaumont, Central Medical Imaging, The Institute for Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi Superior, Dewar’s, Grey Goose, Martini & Rossi, Cazadores Reposado, Rémy Martin, and Vitamin Water.

For a complete list of Hour Detroit’s 2006 Top Docs, an in-depth look at the medical miracles taking place in Detroit, and contact information for the area’s best hospitals, pick up the October issue, on newsstands Oct. 2. To subscribe, call 866-660-MAGS, ext. 6247, or visit

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Naturalmente Italiano Event

November 7 – 9, 2006

New York, NY

Christine Skandis, Guest Speaker, “The Future of Italian Wines: Assessing the Importance of the Indigenous Grape Phenomenon” at The Tavern on the Green in NYC. This educational program sponsored by The Italian Trade Commission focusing on the important role of native grape varieties. Elin McCoy, author and contributor to numerous publications in the wine and food sector, moderated and was joined by 15 Italian vintners each of whom will be presenting some of his or her best wines offering a wide range of taste sensations deriving from many different varieties, all native to Italy, and from different parts of the country.

Dionysian Society


Christine Skandis, founder of SKANDIS FINE WINES, inducted into the DIONYSIAN SOCIETY, INTERNATIONAL ~ The World’s Oldest Wine Tasting Society, Est. in 698 B.C.

Pictured are Michael A Schaefer, CWE; Christine J. Skandis; John J. Mahoney, Ph.D., C.W.E. (Chancellor of the Dionysian Society) and Alan Hess.

“New York Wine & Food Expo”

Lyndhurst Mansion, Terrytown, New York

“Indigenous Grape Varieties: What’s Behind Some of Italy’s Most Popular Wines”

Comments from Wine experts Ed McCarthy & Mary Ewing Mulligan, authors of “WINE FOR DUMMIES” at “New York INTERNATIONAL Wine & Food Expo” at Lyndhurst Mansion, Tarrytown NY:

“How many of you have had an Erbaluce wine in your life? I would think none of you. Piedmont for us is Nirvana, like Heaven. Piedmont is of course home of Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbara (wines). Italy also has this are in Northern Piedmont where the Swiss Alps are and just as you are coming down (from the Alps) the first area you reach is Erbaluce.

It is just… MAGNIFICENT… Because you are surrounded by the Alps on both sides and HERE they are making this white wine that you can find no where else in the world but Northern Piedmont… Erbaluce di Caluso”

Skandis Fine Wines, LLC is listed on the official Piemonte Region of ITALY website – sponsor of the 2006 Winter Olympics.  April 2006


The only place in the WORLD to be for SPORTS in February 2006! -And – The ONLY place in the WORLD They produce DOC wines from the Ancient Roman Erbaluce grape.

-And –

The ONLY place in the WORLD they produce DOC wines from the Ancient Roman Erbaluce grape.

Enjoy these lovely wines in Torino on the “Ristocolor – Il tram del gusto” through GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti)

The tramway restaurant “Ristocolor” is a historical vehicle that has been totally restored with the collaboration of an important designer of Turin, Ugo Nespolo. Dinner and supper will be served on board every day from the 10th to the 28th of February during the Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006. An onboard guide/interpreter (English and French), will explain the many interesting historical and architectural aspects of the city.

Wine imported by Skandis Fine Wines will be served on board along with authentic local Piemontese cuisine.

Available in USA exclusively through Skandis Fine Wines LLC.

For a location near you or to purchase in the USA please email us.


Telephone: 269.998.9300

Skandis Fine Wines LLC focuses it’s import efforts on rare, unique, indigenous grape varietals – wines that they typical wine consumer has never heard of. The showcased portfolio of wines presented here from Piemonte Italy are available for the first time in the USA imported exclusively by


Please enjoy… and as you sip these delicate wines envision Italy’s Hidden Treasure and the Piedmonte Wine Route where one will enjoy the wide panorama of the vineyards and speckled with ancient villages, castles, churches, abbeys, as well as people, food and wine to warm you heart….

 Meet Princess Passito and Princess Erbaluce with our exquisite portfolio of Erbaluce wines.

 “…Erbaluce. It is just… MAGNIFICENT… this white wine that you can find no where else in the world but Northern Piedmont… Erbaluce di Caluso”

 -Comments from Wine experts Ed McCarthy & Mary Ewing Mulligan, authors of “WINE FOR DUMMIES” at “New York INTERNATIONAL Wine & Food Expo

 More information about Erbaluce Grape.

“Rare Grapes Grow Unique Wine Business For Local Resident “

Saugatuck Local Observer, November 30, 2005

Rare Grapes Grow Unique Wine Business For Local Resident

Mary Milewski


Importer Christine Skandis takes a different approach to wine. The Saugatuck resident and owner of Skandis Fine Wines focuses on rare, unique, indigenous grape varietals.

“I’ve been working with a remote village in the mountains of Piedmont, Italy , helping them to become compliant with our federal and state obligations,” said Skandis, who started her business five years ago. “I visited them in Italy and returned with exclusivity for all of the U.S. for importing from that village area.”

The grapes Skandis secured exclusive rights to import into the United States are indeed rare and unique – perfect for the types of wines she specializes in.

“They’re grown in such limited quantities,” she said. “My goal is to help save grape varietals that are grown in such limited quantities and are very unknown to most people – otherwise they would be ripped out and replaced with Chardonnay grapes or something more common.”

Skandis Fine Wines’ primary market is high-end restaurants. “We’re selling the erbaluces and the borolo blends,” she said. “And we’re in the process of adding several additional portfolios from Italy.”

Skandis carries feature wines, including a special erbaluce, which is made with a white grape.

“It is an ancient Roman grape that has gone relatively unnoticed for hundreds of years,” Skandis said. “With the production of these white wines, the Italian government has identified this grape as an asset, only grown in the very northern portion of Italy in the Swiss Alps.”

The grape used for her erbaluce wines, she said, has a special designation that requires specific factors for producing a perfect grape for this type of wine. The grapes are ranted and designated for their type, plus soil quality, sun and more. But, these grapes are unique, Skandis said, as the region of her exclusivity is the only place in the world that they grow with the designation to produce the wine.

Skandis’ in-depth knowledge of grapes, growing conditions and the production of fine wines is evident.

“I have a passion for wines,” she said. “I didn’t realize at the time we started that it would require so much energy and time.”

Her time invested in studying grapes and wine production has made Skandis an authority in a field that is gaining popularity nationwide.

“Sideways, the movie, worked to open peoples eyes to different varieties of wines,” she said. “It had a very positive impact on people trying something different and unique.”

Skandis is a frequent host of fine wine tasting events. She also provides seminars and appears at shows nationwide.

“We did a tasting at a Grand Rapids Wine festival and we had the most atypical wines and people were so enchanted with the stories of our wines as well as the unique and interesting taste of our wines,” she said.

Skandis is working to introduce and market her wine because it is made from a relatively unknown grape. Her work involves a great deal of traveling across the country to show the wine, including a recent show in New York City, where her product gained special attention.

“I’ve been doing feature wine dinners, where the chef pairs foods with the wine and we present the wine portfolio,” she said. “We’ve also been doing private wine tastings, working with boards, business meetings, showers and coordinating with local restaurants. In our tastings we take groups on culinary journeys through Italy. Once people try these wines, they really love them. They hear about the mountains, castles, wine routes through Italy and more.”

Skandis Fine Wines will be featured at a tasting event at Till Midnight in Holland on Jan. 12 and Feb. 2, as well as at Via Maria restaurant on Jan. 19. Local restaurants that carry Skandis Fine Wines include Blue Moon, Chaps and Everyday People Café in Douglas; Phil’s and Marro’s in Saugatuck; Till Midnight, Via Maria, Piper, Butch’s Dry Dock and Pereddies in Holland.

“I’m very passionate about saving a grape varietal that could otherwise be lost to the world,” Skandis said. “I enjoy enlightening people to the new, unique areas of wine.”

Contact Skandis Fine Wines for information on their products, shows and tasting events at or (269) 998-9300.