Erbaluce Passito

Pronunciation of “Erbaluce di Passito”

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Grape Varietal: Erbaluce Passito
Pronunciation: “Air-bah-loo-chay Pah-seet-toe”
Tasting Notes: Pleasing blend of fresh citrus fruits, apricots, and dried figs.
Food Pairing: Incomparable with cheese, excellent with dessert and other sweets.
Serving Notes: 12C
Grape History: The Roman Emperors favored this ancient heirloom grape
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Harvest: Late September
Vinification: Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16C
Aging: 4 years in wood barrels
Bottling: During summer, with waning moon
Alcoholic Content: 12-12.5% by volume
Sugar: ≤5 g/l
Total Acidity: 6,0 g/l
Location: Nearby the village of Cuceglio, North of Torino
Altitude: 370 m above the sea level
Soil: Acid, rocky
Density: 1200-1300 plants per Ha
Trimming Technique: Traditional, handmade
Structure: Pergola Canavese


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