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Grape Varietal: Pecorino
Pronunciation: “pec-o-ri-no”
Tasting Notes: Wine is typically dry and minerally, straw-yellow in color and is sometimes spiced with a hint of licorice.
Food Pairing: Paired with pecorino cheese and walnut bread, steamed white fish with ginger, or chicken thighs with roasted red pepper and onion.
Serving Notes: 16-18C
Grape History: Having thought this vine was almost extinct in the 20th Century, some forgotten vines were traced in an overgrown vineyard and Pecorino was revived in the early 1990s.
Harvest: September
Vinification: Roller crushing and squeezing by soft press to extract only liquid must, Cold refining of must and fermentation of clearer part under controlled temperature.
Aging: 4 months in stainless-steel tanks
Bottling: Bottled in the spring after harvesting
Alcoholic Content: 13% by volume
Sugar: high sugar content in g/l
Total Acidity: 6.3 g/l
Location: Grown almost exclusively in Abruzzo and Marche.
Altitude: 1100 meters above sea level
Soil: Medium textured-Clayey
Density: 5000 plants/hectare
Trimming Technique:
Structure: Classic Bordolese