Pronunciation of “Falanghina”


Grape Varietal: Falanghina
Pronunciation: “Fol-lon-gee-nah”  “Fah-laahn-gheeh-nah”
Tasting Notes: Light yellow with golden hues, fresh and exuberant aroma of bananas and tropical fruits. Full bodied palate with a refreshing, pleasant and fruity character, as well as long aftertaste
Food Pairing: Crustaceans, fish dishes and white meat
Serving Notes: 10-12C
Grape History: Ancient vine that perhaps was the basis of the classic Falernian wine, grown in the Naples area for a long time. It is quoted from his presence by Acerbi in 1825 and then entered by Carlucci (in-Verrnorel Viala, 1909) among the most popular varieties in the area. The variety’s name seems to derive from the need of the vine to be supported by tutors, because of tis spreading habit. These support poles called “falanga”.
Region: Puglia, Italy


Harvest: Early September
Vinification: Soft pressing, fermentation in stainless steel tanks with controlled fermenting temperature at 14ºC
Aging: Stainless steel tanks and in the bottles
Bottling: During spring, with waning moon.
Alcoholic Content: 13,0% by volume
Sugar: 3,6 g/l
Total Acidity: 5,9 g/l
Location: Coppa Castello vineyard, in the heart of San Severo DOC.
Altitude: 200-300 m above sea level
Soil: Clay and limestone
Density: 4500 plants per Ha
Trimming Technique: Traditional, handmade
Structure: Espalier trees

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