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Grape Varietal: Sagratino
Pronunciation: “sah-grahn-TEE-no”
Tasting Notes: One of Italy’s most tannic red wines. Sweet and savory.
Food Pairing: Matched best with marinated-beef tacos or eye-fillet steak with black truffles.
Serving Notes: 18C
Grape History: Sagratino is a deeply colored grape variety that produces one of central Italy’s most tannic red wines, where the wines produced must be at least 95% Sagratino.
Harvest: Hand-picked the last week of October
Vinification: Long skin contact maceration, for at least three weeks.
Aging: Has to age at least 30 months, approximately 12 months in barrels.
Bottling:  Varies
Alcoholic Content: 14.6% by volume
Sugar: 3.0 g/l
Total Acidity: 5.0 g/l
Location: Umbria in Central italy
Altitude: 990 feet
Soil: Clay-Loam and Coal
Density: 100 ha/250 acres
Trimming Technique: Spur-pruned Cordon