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Grape Varietal: Comprised of the Nebbiolo variety
Pronunciation: “Nebb-i-o-lo”
Tasting Notes: Aromas of violets, chocolates, and prunes; a full-flavored and robust red wine.
Food Pairing: Paired well with steamed vegetables, heavy pastas, and rich risottos.
Serving Notes: 16-18C
Grape History: Barolo was named after the noblewoman Marchesa de Barolo in the 1850s. It is one of Italy’s most famous red wines, predominantly from the region’s signature grape variety Nebbiolo.
Harvest: Harvests in mid-October
Vinification: Fermentation period followed by aging in small French oak barrels
Aging: At least 38 months, 18 of which must be spent in a barrel; For Riserva, 62 months.
Bottling:  Varies
Alcoholic Content: 13% by volume
Sugar: 2-5 g/l
Total Acidity: High in acidity (g/l)
Location: In the hills of a town called Alba, in the Piemonte Region
Altitude: 170-540 meters
Soil: Limestone-rich Tortonian marl; Helvetian soils (sandstone and limestone)
Density: 2,054 hectates/5,073 acres
Trimming Technique: Varies
Structure:  Varies