Pronunciation of “Aglianico”


Grape Varietal: Aglianco
Pronunciation: “Ah-lliah-neeh-coh”
Tasting Notes: Dark ruby colour with an intense bouquet of cherry marmalade, small ripe red fruits, black pepper, tobacco and an exuberant balsamic background.
Food Pairing: The significant tannic structure permits an savoury match with game, red meat and spicy cheese.
Serving Notes: 16-18C
Grape History: Grape of ancient cultivation in southern Italy and particularly in Campania, Basilicata and Puglia, was introduced in these provinces by the Greeks at the time of the formation of colonies along the Tyrrhenian coast. It is practically the same vine known to the Romans as the “Hellenic” and confirmation of this is the fact that even today, in some countries, in the widest possible dissemination of the vine, the synonyms used for ‘Aglianico  are : Greek or Hellenic.
Harvest: Late September
Vinification: Fermentation (8 days) in stainless steel tanks with controlled fermenting temperature at 24ºC,  27 days prolonged maceration of the wine on its skins in stainless steel tanks,  soft pressing.
Aging: In French oak barrels for 8 months, stainless steel tanks and in the bottles.
Bottling: During winter, with waning moon.
Alcoholic Content: 13,5% by volume
Sugar: 1,8 g/l
Total Acidity: 5,8 g/l
Location: Nearby the borders with the province of Basilicata, prominent Italian town Melfi
Altitude: 300-400 m above sea level
Soil: Clay, limestone
Density: 5000-5500 plants per Ha
Trimming Technique: Traditional, handmade
Structure: Espalier trees


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