Pronunciation for “Negroamaro”

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Grape Varietal: Negroamaro
Pronunciation: “Neeh-groh-ah-mah-roh
Tasting Notes: Brilliant ruby colour. Fruity aromas reminiscent of raspberry, sour cherries, strawberries and fresh hints of mint, with  lightly extracted tannins and velvet structure.
Food Pairing: perfect to accompany fried fish and fish soups.
Serving Notes: 12-14C
Grape History: Of unknown origin, is spread over a very long time in the ionic area. According to some, the name derives, from the dialect “niuru maru”, to identify the bitter taste of the wine. It is believed, however, that the name of this grape variety most likely derives from two words indicating both the color black, Latin “NIGRA” and Greek “MAVRO”, used in combination to emphasize the intense black color of its grape skin.The synonym Nigramaro supports this notion. This assures us that its cultivation can be traced back to the Greek colonization in the VIII-VII century BC.
Harvest: Late September
Vinification: 5 days of cold maceration at 5ºC, 20 days prolonged maceration with controlled temperature at 21ºC in stainless steel tanks
Aging: Stainless steel tanks and in the bottles
Bottling: During summer, with waning moon.
Alcoholic Content: 13,0% by volume
Sugar: 3,9 g/l
Total Acidity: 6,2 g/l
Location: Vineyard “Il Vignale”, near to the city of Ortanova.
Altitude: 200-300 m above sea level
Soil: Clay and limestone
Density: 5000-5500 plants per Ha
Trimming Technique: Traditional, handmade
Structure: Espalier Trees



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